A support to do business overseas

International expansion means to open new markets to grow for the companies, but internationalization is a complex process that demands the highest level of insight.

The marketplace offers a world of business opportunities for companies seeking to sell products or service worldwide. To expand their business to overseas, companies need to trust in a strategic partner, such as Komunícalo, to help them navigate the global business environment. We accompany companies in their international expansion with growth strategies in the global market.

We support our clients to diversify into new countries and expand internationally, combining our great experience in doing business overseas, with a deep understanding of the market.

When the company has made a decision to internationalize, we support them with a market research, identifying the most convenient countries for their particular industry and developing the best strategy to enter them.

Komunícalo Consulting is helping firms to be able to compete more effectively in overseas by advising, performing and implementing best practices to globalize their business in order to become competitive multinational corporations.

According to your company needs and business goals, we advise you about the best methods of distributing your product or service worldwide: selling products through a local distributor, cooperating with international agents, participating in joint ventures with local business partners, purchasing local companies or opening foreign subsidiaries.


We help firms to be able to compete more effectively in overseas